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Important Aspects
By: A. Laluk (Cerritos CA, 2000)



The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) are always visiting our planet. We have a large number of reports that have occurred over the years, probably more than 100,000 reports in the last years. We know about the History: Our old civilizations like Mayas or Egyptians had contact with their Gods of the Skies (maybe they were UFOs) who were transmitting knowledge to help the people.


- Only our galaxy (The Milky way) has 200 billions stars, and we are orbiting around in one of them (Solar System).

-Only one civilization advanced to the state of a supercivilization, it could colonize our entire galaxy(Milky way) in about 100 million years, which is only a small fraction of it's 16 billion.

-The Planet Earth is only 4.6 billion years old. The ape-man is less than 2 million years old. The Homo Erectus is 0.5 million years old.

-In all this time, aliens probably visited the Earth and left their messages just like our astronauts in the Moon.

-Are The Pyramids of Egypt, Nazca Plains of Peru, the Mayan Tombs, or the large statues on Easter Islands in the Pacific are evidence of ancient astronauts?


The country with the most powerful armaments in the world and the UFOs have a strange relationship. The UFO's phenomenon begun with the "Flying Saucers" seeing by Kenneth Arnold, an air rescues pilot form Boise, Idaho. On June 24, 1947 he was flying to Yakima, Washington, over the Cascades Mountains. He saw 9 bright objects flying with speed estimated in 1700 mph (The top speed of an aircraft at that time was approximately 700 mph).

On June 1947. At a place near Roswell, New Mexico, we found a story about a crashed flying saucer that was found on a ranch near Roswell with four alien bodies. The Air Force later claimed it was the remains of a weather balloon, and the interest soon died. In 1980, when the book "The Roswell Incident" was published by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, the interest began to build The Center for UFO Studios in Chicago in 1988, and sent out a team to investigate. Three years later team members Kevin Randle and Don Schmidt published "UFO Crash at Roswell". They charged the government had recovered both a saucer and several small alien bodies and had covered up the incident.


We are forgetting to mention the reports of abduction. Now we have a large number of people whom are claming to have been abducted. In the conference at MIT 1992:

- Thomas E. Bullard had catalogued 725 abduction cases.

- David Jacobs, an associate professor of history at Temple University claimed to have 325 hypnotic sessions on more than 60 abductees.

They told similar stories of being abducted by small, grayish beings with large heads. Abductees were examinated on a table within their spaceship. The "grays" were about 4 to 6 feet tall, frail and have thin limbs and no muscle or bone structure. They did not appear to have knees, elbows, ankles or wrists, but they did have fingers usually three or four, they have no hair on their heads or bodies. They had no ears, but they do have a nose and a mouth, with thin lips, large black eyes with no pupil, iris or cornea.

The most interesting and intriguing cases, are about the abductees, and that according to John Mack, some of the abductees he interviewed claimed that the aliens said they were from another dimension.


Continually we are seeing things in the sky. The technology of the USA is growing rapidly every day. Probably the US Army knows more things that we don't know. If the silence is an answer is because something is happening.